June 10, 2024

1 thought on “#AllStars7: Fans Are Enraged By New Twist

  1. this season wasn’t scored appropriately. Jinkx and all of the other queens said they were intimidated.m by Shea, because she can do everything, and do it all well. but somehow she couldn’t win the challenges. Shea got the best critiques several times… but someone else would get the win. OR there would be A VIRAL DANCE CHALLENGE where Jinkx wins… because she ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Jinkx’s brand is a failed actor and a single mother to an adult son. so HOW DID SHE WIN this branding dance challenge? they were supposed to represent their brands. HOW did jinkx win a dance challenge? go back and watch again, and if you listen to the actual critiques in every episode both Shea and Monet SHOULD be in the finale. they got the best critiques episode after episode. but again, how do you get better critiques than Jinkx but she wins anyway? it’s nonsense. the entire season was clearly created to give Jinkx another crown. they made this false narrative about Shea fading into the background… but she didn’t. and again, if they’re being scored based on critiques… the queens with the best critiques would win. if things were fair and based on critiques, Shea, Monet, Jaida, and Trinity would be in the top. and i’m not the only person who thinks the way, several of the queens have echoed the same sentiment. when it comes to being well rounded Jinkx can’t sew, she can’t dance, but she can sing and act. some of the other queens can do all of those things and more. they should have just made the entire season one episode where the queens watched Jinkx be crowned.

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